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Yourban2030 and Myllennium Award call under 30 digital artists together in the name of sustainable mobility

Walking, cycling, using public transport and car sharing: the M Factor is one of the fundamental factors of the smart cities of the future and to once again raise young people's awareness of the issues of sustainability, active citizenship, participation and protection of territory.

After involving over 2500 young people in Italy and the United States in the eco-murals, Yourban2030 thus returns to speak and directly involve the new generations, always faithful to its mission: to bring together awareness of the environment and environmental issues with new frontiers of digital art, appealing precisely to those generations in whose hands the future and change are placed.

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The M Factor

Myllennium Award 2023 MyCity contest

focus on the concept of sustainable mobility

Article 11 (sustainable cities and communities), article 13 (fight against climate change), article 9 (innovation and infrastructure companies): these are the three articles of the 2030 Agenda on which young people are called to reflect and get involved with M-Factor: Move Forward, imagining the city of the future from a perspective of sustainable mobility.

To win the special Yourban 2030 prize on the theme of the M-Factor: Move Forward, young artists will have to develop a digital work whose objective is to imagine the city of future, with a focus on the concept of sustainable mobility, to indicate a way of moving inextricably linked to the concept of territorial sustainability and therefore oriented towards the reduction of pollution risks and polluting power, the protection of health and public space as common good, energy saving.

The Yourban2030 special prize

The multidisciplinary award dedicated to the under 30s

The digital artwork must have a maximum length between 15 and 60 seconds, and must be sent in high resolution Mp4 format and can also contain original audio.

The winning work will receive a cash prize of 2,000 euros, will be transformed into NFTs and placed on the REASONED ART platform, an Italian startup dedicated to Crypto Art, i.e. digital art certified using NFT technology and exchanged on the blockchain.

For more information, consultation of the regulation and registrations, visit the website of Myllennium Award 2023 Mycity

The M Factor
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The G Factor photo Photo Y2030 ©


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