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“Un airone alto cinque piani che caccia la sua preda in un mare gravemente inquinato, ma che a sua volta “caccia” via l’inquinamento dell’aria da uno degli incroci più trafficati della Capitale. È Hunting Pollution, il più grande murales green d’Europa, inaugurato nel quartiere Ostiense di Roma. La pittura con cui è stato realizzato è molto speciale: dodici metri quadrati possono assorbire le sostanze nocive prodotte da un’auto in un giorno. L’intero murales ... depurerà l’aria della città, è stato calcolato, quanto un bosco di trenta alberi.”

“L’opera è stata realizzata dall’artista Federico Massa (alias Iena Cruz) sulla facciata di un palazzo di via del Porto Fluviale, in zona Ostiense, e ad organizzare tutto è stata Yourban2030, una no-profit al femminile guidata da Veronica De Angelis. “Hunting pollution” rappresenta un airone tricolore, specie in estinzione, in lotta per la sopravvivenza. L’uccello cattura la sua preda in un mare gravemente compromesso, ma contribuisce lui stesso a cacciare l’inquinamento da uno degli incroci più trafficati della città.”

“Il progetto è interamente sostenuto da Yourban2030, no-profit impegnata in un percorso di sensibilizzazione sui temi della sostenibilità ambientale, con l’utilizzo di moderne espressioni artistiche. Veronica De Angelis, mecenate dell’opera e madre di Yourban2030: “Ho visto questo muro come un’opportunità per poter contribuire al quartiere e condividere qualcosa con il mio quartiere.”

“Murals by Iena Cruz, the Italian street artist, formed of a type of paint that absorbs and reduces air pollution agents, adorn a building in Rome Murals by Iena Cruz, the Italian street artist, formed of a type of paint that absorbs and reduces air pollution agents, adorn a building in Rome.”

“Na panelu dyskusyjnym poświęconym rewitalizacji bardzo oryginalnym projektem pochwaliła się Veronica De Angelis, prezes Yourban2030. To włoska organizacja pozarządowa, która zajmuje się wspieraniem i promowaniem idei zrównoważonego rozwoju za pomocą przeróżnych, czasem mocno niestandardowych, działań artystycznych. Yourban2030 wspiera między innymi działania rewitalizacyjne w miastach i jeden z jej ostatnich projektów doskonale się w to wpisuje.” - Forbes Polonia

“Así lo ha hecho Veronica De Angelis contratando a un artista para que realizara sobre la fachada exterior del edificio propiedad de su familia un grafiti dedicado al medio ambiente. Y ojo, no estamos hablando de una pintura cualquiera, sino del mural ecofriendly más grande de Europa. Una obra de 1.000 m2 firmada por el artista milanés Federico Massa, que firma sus creaciones como Iena Cruz. La idea de Veronica no nace por casualidad. Todo lo contrario. Desde siempre le hacía ilusión regalar algo a su ciudad.”


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29 November 2019/Rai 5

Earth/Art: Monica Taburchi documentary

How can art help us to understand the huge problem of climate change? An unpublished documentary broadcast on Rai5 on November 29, 2019, directed by Monica Taburchi, tells us about it.

Produced by Rai Cultura, Earth / Art is a film that highlights how contemporary artists have managed to address the issue of pollution and climate change.
Through a series of original interviews, artists of different generations tell their own relationship with this theme. Among the many, there are masters such as Michelangelo Pistoletto, Christo and Olafur Eliasson, but also young muralists like Pejac and Iena Cruz, contemporary designers such as Alper Dostal, Studio Roosegaarde and Accurat and younger Italian artists such as Eugenio Tibaldi and Elena Mazzi.

It is available on

November 2019/Feltre (Belluno)

The Festival of Good Practices

Yourban2030 took part in the A-CHANGE festival, within a program full of meetings and comparisons between those who work through culture and good practices in favor of people, the environment, artistic heritage and the memory of Italian local communities . Among the virtuous experiences there was also our Hunting Pollution project.

30 November 2019/Milan


Yourban2030 participated in the panel dedicated to climate change, talking about art, sustainability and technological innovation within the important annual training event of the Italian Red Cross to adapt the humanitarian action to the challenges of the future.

Our speech at 1.29 minutes

OCTOBER 2019/Rome

Freeda - Editorial interview

“In particular, we must infuse the construction of our buildings with beauty. People live out their entire lives in the homes we build. So we must do so with love and respect for who will be inhabiting them”.

Watch the video in its entirety here @freedamedia

OCTOBER 2019/Vienna

Inspire. Change. Together.”
International High Level Conference

Session: Promoting Justice and Rights Through Art

Yourban2030 was invited to “Inspire. Change. Together.” to discuss the Hunting Pollution project, as well as the many ways which art, in all of its forms, can promote justice and citizens' rights.

September 2019/Krynica

29th Economic Forum

Yourban2030 was in invited to the 29th Economic Forum in Poland to discuss the Hunting Pollution project, to host a screening of the documentary that was filmed during the mural’s creation, and to speak on a panel devoted to the requalification of urban spaces and to combating atmospheric pollution.
To Be Freed from the Smog - Improvement of the Quality of Air as a Challenge of the 21st Century

June 2019/Vicenza

TEDx Talks

Veronica De Angelis was among the speakers at Tedx Vicenza 2019, the fifth edition of this Ted event. The conference was dedicated to artistic, social, and scientific disciplines and topics meant to inspire dialogue and new ideas, for all. This year’s theme was “Transitions”: a look at the historic period of change we are observing today, which we must embrace rather than resist. The objective is to forge a path to greater awareness in how we confront changes and obstacles, while keeping humanity the priority. We are called upon to examine how we handle transitions in the social realm and concerning its most crucial component: the individual.

Watch the video      Download the translated interview text (PDF)

April 2019/Krakow

5th European Convention for Local Government Administration

Yourban2030 was invited to be on the panel of two sessions at the 5th European Convention for Local Government Administration in Kraków, Poland. The project’s contribution to the event was the public presentation of Hunting Pollution as well as leading a discussion on the theme of atmospheric pollution and the requalification of Urban spaces.

Creating a Creative Urban Space - How to Positively Change the City
The Neverending Story: Smog. What is our potential to effectively fight air pollution?

May 2019/Rome

A.I.D.I.A. Convention “Urban Transformations: Re-Beautifying, Regenerating, and the Search for Identity”

Yourban2030 participated in the convention titled "Image of the City" organized by AIDIA, Associazione Italiana Donne Ingegnere e Architetto (Italian Society of Women Architects and Engineers), in conjunction with the Society of Roman Architects. This was the fourth edition of a series of conventions held nationally that were inspired by the essay “Image of the City” written by Kevin Lynch in 1960. The Roman meeting focused on urban requalification and regeneration and also lent it self to a presentation of the Hunting Pollution project.

May 2019/Reggio Emilia

Innova 4th Edition

A full day dedicated to economic, social, and political innovation organized by the Ora Foundation. Yourban2030 was asked to participate in order to share with the event their experience in urban requalification and regeneration through street art and innovative green technology.

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