Veronica De Angelis

Veronica De Angelis is an Italian and Rome-based entrepreneur who has pledged a commitment to environmental sustainability, and backs that commitment with ongoing investment.

Veronica began her career in the building and construction industry, during which time her passion for travel and nature became evermore important.Veronica attended an international school to complete her Political Science degree, and later her Masters Degree in Real Estate and Finance.

Later, while working in New York, Veronica began to realize art's potential to foster social development and urban regeneration. As her awareness about environmental issues broadened, so did her ideas on how the rebirth of city neighborhoods could be achieved through the use of street art, to improve both esthetic appearance and resident experience.

In 2013, Veronica decided to commit even more of her time and efforts to sustainable development.

In 2018, YOURBAN 2030 began as a focused effort to bring together like-minded people with the objective of connecting businesses with the art world.

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Maura Crudeli

Vice-President and project manager

Maura Crudeli

Graduated in Sociology from the La Sapienza University in Rome and then completed a Masters Degree in International Human Rights Protection. Since then, Maura Crudeli has gained additional experience in media and communications, such as during her time spent at Rome's Documentary Academy, and while specializing in the area of “Cooperation and Development” during her studies in Madrid.

Maura’s professional career path has included working with numerous public and private organizations to cover various roles, including Project Manager and Events and Communications Manager, in areas such as environmentalism, art, public health, and human rights.

Currently, Maura is President of the Italian non-profit organization AIEA (Italian advocacy group for those suffering the effects of asbestos exposure) to support the banning of asbestos use.

As Project Manager, Maura develops and coordinates artistic projects in support of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable and Development Agenda.

Board Advisor

Frank Ferrante

Frank Ferrante Jr. is an entrepreneur and practicing attorney with an innate passion for nature, art, design, and fashion. Born in the USA to Italian parents, Frank dreamed of being an ambassador to Italy as well as working in any capacity with animals. He excelled in the arts and had an equal knack for business. In a series of odd turns of events, it was his law practice which eventually led him to live out all of his dreams: in 2000, he founded his law firm in NYC with the mission of promoting the “Made in Italy” branding movement in the USA. The privilege of working daily with the best of the best from the “Bel Paese” actually put him in the position of ambassadorship between the two nations.

In 2000, his unbridled enthusiasm for design and art led Frank to found, and then manage, a multinational corporation that was entrusted with the exclusive South American distribution mandate for several luxury Italian kitchen and furniture brands. What is more, Frank is a fierce and selfless defender and supporter of nature and animals: he made his first donation to the WWF at the age of 10, by collecting that year's birthday gift money! Today, Frank continues to be motivated by his passions, with the support of his sidekick, Stella the English bulldog, who accompanies him to work every day while he fights for his clients, for animals, and for the protection of nature, with class and style.