THE parade

eco-friendly microcosm

Tiziano has worked as a team here too. With the contribution of the non-profit organization YOURBAN2030 we wanted to convey to guests the feeling of entering a flowering forest with imaginary trees and large leaves suspended to purify the air as occurs in nature.

The soft and clean colors of this room enable it to characterize and transform into an eco-sustainable microcosm, where every decorative element respects the earth, taking inspiration from the 3R philosophy: recovery, reuse, recycle.


this city is a jungle

Nothing is left to chance, every detail is a tribute to our land with respectful respect for our ecosystem.

The models will parade in a suspended greenhouse made with Denim canvases painted by the Urban Artist from Turin, Fabio Petani, who will have the task of interpreting the force of nature and the female universe of Tiziano Guardini.

This city is a jungle


"This city is a jungle" FW collection, is a mix of refined and spontaneous style, with lines that wink at the male universe while always remaining strongly feminine.

The special paints used to paint the Denim canvases suspended in the air is called Airlite, it is activated when in contact with natural and / or artificial light, transforming the polluting agents into harmless salts and purifying the air from bacteria, mold and smoke. Airlite makes it possible for us to combine beauty with the preservation of our ecosystem through the revolutionary process of artificial chlorophyll photosynthesis.


The Artist


In his works there is a disordered harmony of lines, shapes and volumes that integrate with each other with soft and harmonious colors mixed with broken elements.

In this way the geometric shapes interact with botanical elements in such a way as to create a glimpse of what is alchemy. The most structured and rigid chemical element is the most free and sinuous botanical element. Fabio is always looking for harmonic balance that welcomes the eye of the observer and immerses you in a space where nature dictates time and temporarily distracts from the frenzy that surrounds us.


This city is a jungle