Sustainable agriculture means listening to nature and respecting its times and possibilities, so from guaranteeing a healthy and widespread diet for those who need it.

Agriculture is sustainable when it produces food and raw materials without exceeding the limits of Planet, maintaining the ecosystem services on which it depends. The new revolution agriculture is based on three major principles: converting agricultural practices towards greater respect of the natural cycles of agroecosystems, protect and increase highly natural areas, functional to maintaining and increasing biodiversity, reducing the use of substances synthetic chemicals through the dissemination of agricultural practices that do not require the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and antibiotics.

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The G Factor

Myllennium Award 2022 MyCity contest

environmental issues related to the theme of food

Inspired by objectives 2 (Zero Hunger) and 12 (Consumption and responsible production) of the 2030 agenda on sustainability, young artists under the age of 30 are asked to thrill with an Italian story translated into photos.

The candidate will have to represent a aspect of our Italian ecosystem from which the G factor of Sustainability is deduced as a growth in responsible consumption and production, as actions to recover biodiversity, of protection of our food heritage, fight against hunger in the world, innovation in our cultivation systems.

The candidate is asked to grasp an aspect of this historical moment of strong attention to environmental issues related to the theme of food, sustainable agriculture and the fight against hunger with one shot that is both a testimony of reality and a message for future generations.

Special Yourban2030 Prize


The chosen photograph will receive a cash prize of € 500,00 and a reproduction of the photographic work that will be transformed into a large mosaic, printed on an innovative surface made of bio-resin tiles and affixed to a public wall in the city of Rome. The wall will be equipped with proximity technology that will make it Smart and able to communicate ad hoc content with the user through his devices (smartphones and tablets).

To see the first digital mosaic born in Rome on the occasion of the first year of the contest Yourban2030 Special Prize @ Myllenium Award 2021, visit The R Factor 2021

For more information, consultation of the regulations and registration, visit the Myllennium Award website 2022 Myllennium Award 2022 Mycity

The G Factor

And the winner is


The G Factor
The G Factor photo Photo Y2030 ©
The G Factor photo Photo Y2030 ©
The G Factor photo Photo Y2030 ©
The G Factor photo Photo Y2030 ©
The G Factor photo Photo Y2030 ©
The G Factor photo Photo Y2030 ©


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