mothers on the run
are the protagonists

Kiev String Orchestra, the Italian composer Marco Korben Del Bene, INTERSOS and the non-profit Yourban2030 together against all wars give life to a campaign that combines music, audiovisual and NFT and sees fleeing mothers as protagonists.

Wherever there is a mother forced to take her child and run away, there is a wrong world: from Ukraine to Afghanistan, from Africa, to Sudan, to South East Asia, to Europe. Passing through our seas. This is how on the occasion of the World Day of Living Together in Peace, on 16 May 2023, without colors and without factions, Madre is released.

Madre Photo by Y2030 ©


An audiovisual awareness-raising project and a virtuous network of realities active in the territories

Madre is above all an audiovisual project which, in collaboration with the humanitarian organization Intersos, the non-profit Yourban2030 and Instant Crush Records, recounts an exodus, that of mothers fleeing countries at war and beyond.

A fundraiser that brings together NFT, music and audiovisual to suggest a concept as simple as it is fundamental for understanding the present: where there is a mother who flees, there is a wrong world.

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Madre Photo by Y2030 ©

The street Artist

An invitation to social sustainability

The first campaign of its kind that brings together technology, art, music and commitment, Madre is inspired by the 16th objective of the 2030 Agenda and is meant to be an invitation to all artists to put their creativity at the disposal of social sustainability.

The sale of the NFTs, distributed by the Onlymusix platform, will allow users to support the activities of the humanitarian organization Intersos to guarantee protection and care for vulnerable women in emergency and war areas, providing hospitality in protected places where they can find psychosocial support services and mental health, supporting women survivors of gender-based violence, legal aid, empowerment activities, and promoting gender health and safe births in crisis areas such as Yemen or Afghanistan.

To contribute, you can make your donation at where the NFTs accompanied by print and vinyl can be purchased.


Madre (Orchestra Version)


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