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Yourban2030, in collaboration with NYCDOE, presents Art Is in the Air - Creative solutions for air quality

To celebrate the completion of two murals made with Air purifying paint, students of The High School of Art & Design in Manhattan will engage in a day of activities to improve air quality in and around the school building and to raise awareness about greenhouse gas emissions.

Activities will include rooftop planting, sidewalk planter beautification and an airlite painting session, in collaboration with NY Horticultural Society, East Midtown Partnership, NY Sunworks and The High School of Environmental Sciences.

The G Factor Photo by Y2030 ©

@ NYC Climate Week on NYC's Zero Emissions Day

Art Is in the Air will be held during NYC Climate Week, on NYC's Zero Emissions Day, which also marks the 2nd Anniversary of the United Nations Youth Climate Summit.

The event will be an occasion to present to the community and the press the two murals made with Airlite paint by the students in collaboration with artists Giorgia Rojas Monaco and Yusuke Ochiai.

These are the first artworks ever made with Airlite paint in an American school



Recognized by the United Nations as one of the four best technologies in the world to combat pollution - it is a technology that is applied like a simple paint that, thanks to the action of light, transforms every wall into a natural air purifier. 100% natural, it generates electrons on the surface of the walls, which, when combined with water vapor and oxygen in the air, produce negative ions. These are the invisible allies of well-being, capable of neutralizing the pollutants in the air.

You can be sustainable not only in the message but also in the use of materials.

mela mundi Photo by Y2030 ©
mela mundi Photo by Y2030 ©

The Artists

Giorgia Rojas Monaco

Visual artist and educator Italo Costa Rican, she lives and works in the United States, Italy and Cuba. After attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, she continues her career as a student of the architect Gaetano Pesce in New York and collaborates on numerous artistic projects, experimenting with different techniques and materials by participating in various exhibitions. She is currently engaged in the South Bronx community where she teaches visual arts and carries out art projects with her students.

Yusuke Ochiai

Yusuke Ochiai was born in Tokyo in 1977 and at the age of five has been fascinated by the vibrant colors of the surrounding Japanese landscape, mixing and matching materials ever since. He now lives and works in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and since 2012 he has participated in the Bushwick Open Studios in Brooklyn. This exhibition is curated by Nana Onishi, director of the Onishi Gallery, and Kyoko Sato, independent curator based in New York.



Giorgia Rojas Monaco interview

Photo by Y2030
NY Climate week Photo by Y2030 ©
NY Climate week Photo by Y2030 ©
NY Climate week Photo by Y2030 ©
NY Climate week Photo by Y2030 ©
NY Climate week Photo by Y2030 ©
NY Climate week Photo by Y2030 ©
NY Climate week Photo by Y2030 ©
NY Climate week Photo by Y2030 ©


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