Every woman is Venus, and must love herself before all else. The eco-mural by famed street artist Carlos Atoche, found in Largo delle Sette Chiese Street in the heart of Rome's Garbatella neighborhood, is dedicated to the awareness of one's own body and to care for oneself, with a particular emphasis on the concept of prevention. This is a reflection of the messaging of over twenty years of work by the Susan G. Komen Italy Foundation.

The project is entirely funded by the McArthurGlen - Castel Romano Designer Outlet and presided over by the non profit Yourban2030 known for their avant-garde initiatives in street art with social and eco-sustainable objectives. The project is, furthermore, supported by Rome's VIII Municipal District

The work #AMOREETCURA is both majestic and intimate, at the same time. For thousands of years Aphrodite has been depicted as partially nude beneath draped material, with an imposing and ethereal expression which brings to light the strong sense of dignity associated with this goddess. In Atoche's version, the draped fabric falls away to reveal her breasts and is held up by Venus' own hand--a gesture of protection and self care. This depiction of her is stylized, she is outlined by traces of engraving, with predominantly red and magenta hues. 

amoretcura Photo by Leonardo Puccini ©


Prevention can save lives. More than a third of breast tumors could be avoided by adopting a healthy lifestyle. With early diagnosis, the statistic for recovery is more than 90%. It is with this in mind that Susan G. Komen Italy is dedicated to spreading the message of the importance of prevention, and offers free early detection exams with their Prevention Caravan. The initiative additionally spreads the message of small lifestyle changes to adopt in order to further protect one's health. 

Let's help this crucial prevention spread to even the hardest areas to reach..



The mural was painted with a specialized eco-paint able to lower the pollutants in the surrounding air, thanks to a process, similar to plants' chlorophyll photosynthesis, which generates an oxidizing reaction by which air impurities are captured and then destroyed. 

Airlite, a revolutionary technology present in simple surface paint, offers an innovative and accessible solution to the problem of air quality. It is activated by the simple energy of light, which then interacts with the pollutant molecules, purifying the air in a completely natural manner. 

Tests reveal that Airlite is able to reduce atmospheric pollution up to 88.8%, eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, keep dirt particles at bay, and neutralize odors. For example: 100 sq mt of surface area painted with Airlite are able to purify the surrounding air to the same degree as 100 sq mt of forest. 

Sustainability is not only a message, but seen in concrete application--such as materials one chooses.

amoretcura Photo by Leonardo Puccini ©
amoretcura Photo by Leonardo Puccini ©

The Artist

Carlos Atoche

With his backpack full of vibrant colors, this South American artist has decorated the globe with his signature works: a style all his own fusing his Andean roots with classical and Renaissance art traditions, together with Mediterranean influences and a myriad of other inspiration taken from his extensive travels. 

It was here in Rome, during his Art Academy studies, when Atoche began to hone his love for street art, even when the movement was still relatively unknown. His creativity can be seen on walls on the outskirts of Rome, where he was able to find surfaces which inspired him to express his vision. 

His palette is one which weaves together cultures and experiences, to result in true open air masterpieces. 



Eco murale by Carlos Atoche

Photo by Y2030

McArthurGlen - Castel Romano designer Outlet

Always close to women and their well-being.

Their support for the Susan G. Komen Italia association continues and strengthens, for over twenty years at the forefront in the fight against breast cancer.

This year they chose to give the city of Rome a work of art permanent, which can testify to the commitment to health every day feminine and the importance of prevention.

In the Murales of over 100 meters square, the image of the South American artist Carlos Atoche - inspired by Aphrodite - restores female power and her ability to face all adversities.

Every Venus must be able to love first of all if herself, protecting the well-being of her body and psyche.

AMORETCURA Photo by Leonardo Puccini ©
AMORETCURA Photo by Leonardo Puccini ©
AMORETCURA Photo by Leonardo Puccini ©
AMORETCURA Photo by Leonardo Puccini ©
AMORETCURA Photo by Leonardo Puccini ©
AMORETCURA Photo by Leonardo Puccini ©
AMORETCURA Photo by Leonardo Puccini ©
AMORETCURA Photo by Leonardo Puccini ©
AMORETCURA Photo by Leonardo Puccini ©
AMORETCURA Photo by Leonardo Puccini ©
AMORETCURA Photo by Leonardo Puccini ©


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