Veronica De Angelis

Veronica De Angelis is an Italian and Rome-based entrepreneur who has decided to commit to and invest in environmental sustainability.

Veronica began her career in the building and construction industry, during which time she gained a passion for travel and nature.

Veronica attended the International School and then graduated in Political Science, then gaining a Masters Degree in Real Estate and Finance.

Later, while working in New York, Veronica began to realize the potential of art for social development and urban regeneration.

Veronica began to develop a greater awareness about environmental issues, especially in the regeneration of urban areas through the use of street and public art to improve visual appearance and resident experience.

In 2013, Veronica decided to commit more of her time towards sustainable development.

In 2018, YOURBAN 2030 began as a focused effort to bring together like-minded people with the aim of connecting businesses with the artistic world.

Maura Crudeli

Vice-President and project manager

Maura Crudeli

Vice-President and Project Manager, Maura graduated in Sociology at La Sapienza University and then a Masters Degree in International Human Rights Protection. Since then, Maura has gained experience in Media and Communications, such as within the Documentary School (Rome) - and specializing in the subject of Cooperation and Development in Madrid.

Maura’s professional career has involved working with numerous Public and Private Organizations, and holding various job roles including Project Manager and Events and Communications Manager for specific areas such as environmentalism, art, public health, and human rights.

Currently, Maura is President of the Italian not-for-profit organization: AIEA (Italian Association for supporting people exposed to asbestos) to support the banning of asbestos.

As Project Manager, Maura develops and coordinates artistic projects in support of the United Nations 2015 Sustainable and Development Agenda.

Strategy Manager

Giuseppe Molinari

Giuseppe is a lawyer dealing with Public Affairs and Institutional Relations. With expertise in Politics and Corporate Communication Strategies, Giuseppe works to advocate and share ideas around environmental sustainability with the Public and Private sectors, and with metropolitan communities and residents.

Central to his work is creativity and teamwork, with the aim to remove barriers to the development of new ideas and innovation in environmental sustainability.

This involves gathering and managing a diverse range of ideas and stories through attending meetings with colleagues, associates, and the public.

As a founding member of YOURBAN2030, Giuseppe believes that: “... sustainability is not only good for the economy, but it is good for the soul as well as the planet...”.